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Jim turned to the two men holding the girl.

"Let her go," he said.

"Like hell," said the big man with the dark jacket. He was probably ten years older and forty pounds heavier than Jim. His nose was pushed to one side and a network of scars covered his face. His right ear was thickly swollen and his left was half missing. He looked like a man who had been in plenty of fights.

He turned to his partner.

"Hold her," he said.

"Then he turned to Jim, raised his fists and advanced.

"I'm gonna kill you," he said.

Jim remembered Uncle Bob's words.

"When you're up against a brawler, use your left jab to soften him up."

Jim stepped forward...
Clouds of War is the second volume in Brooks Kubik's widely acclaimed Legacy of Iron series featuring Jim Miller, Jack Ryan and the legendary weightlifting champions of the 1940's.

Set in the Spring of 1940, Clouds of War takes you back in time to one of the greatest periods of American weightlifting -- the six week period from the 1940 Junior Nationals to the Senior National Weightlifting Championships of 1940 - held on May 25, 1940, at Madison Square Garden - in conjunction with the Mr. America Contest.

You'll stand shoulder to shoulder with lifting legends like Steve Stanko, John Grimek and John Davis as they train hard and heavy, their sites set on smashing world records in the upcoming competition.

You'll have a front row seat as you watch John Terry, Tony Terlazzo, Johnny Terpak, Cass Klosiewicz, Steve Gob, John Davis, John Grimek, Louis Abele, and Steve Stanko as they challenge each other - and the world - to determine the strongest lifters on the face of the planet!

You'll watch John Grimek try to win an amazing double championship - first place in the Senior Nationals and first place in the Mr. America contest - with a world record in the Military Press to top it off.

You'll stand back stage with Steve Stanko as blood pours from a deep gash in thumb - as Bob Hoffman urges him to drop out of the competition to save his hand from further damage - and as the Big Champ stands tall, looks Bob in the eye, and tells him he's not going to quit.

You'll join the strongest men in America as they watch the world tremble on the brink of total war -- as the Nazi hordes sweep across Europe in a brutal blitzkrieg of unstoppable power - as the remnants of the French Army fall back, trapped with the British Expeditionary Force on the shores of Dunkirk - the last remaining hope of a free Europe, their back to the relentless waves, teetering on the brink of utter catastrophe.

You'll see Jim Miller continue on the road to manhood - and you'll see what barbell built muscles can do when it's three on one and a girl's life is at stake - when a young boy is trapped in a smashed car with flames racing toward the dripping gas tank - or when you're facing the wrong edge of a sharp blade.

You'll smile as you see Jim meet a girl - and just any girl, but THE girl . . . and you'll wonder what will happen to them.

It's Spring, 1940. A tough time to be young and in love. A time of danger - a time of hope - and a time for America's strongest men to step into action.

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik
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Testimonials for Clouds of War:

"I finished reading your book Saturday night and enjoyed it very much. The story really picked up speed toward the end and left me wanting to read more. I am looking forward to the sequel to it now.

All the names mentioned in the book was familiar to me so I could just picture the conversation between them that you wrote. It is a great book and anyone who has read Strength and Health or had any connections with York Barbell Company would love reading it.

Great book! Don't take too long in coming up with the next one."

Tommy Kono
United States, World and Olympic Weightlifting Champion and Record Holder
Author of Weightlifting - Olympic Style

"I finished your book Legacy of Iron and enjoyed it very much. It brought back a lot of names and memories. I was an avid reader of S&H from 1960 until it's demise 1985 and remember my first trip to York - aka "Muscle Town USA" -- in 1971 to watch the Senior Nationals and Mr. America.

It was a great trip to our "Mecca of Muscle." I got totally involved in strength and health and spent a lot of great times in York from 1971 until 1993. Anyway, thanks for the book, I now wait for the sequel and then the movie."

Jim Schmitz
Coach, United States Olympic Weightlifting Team Author of Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners and Intermediates Regular author for Milo magazine
"You can't help but walk away from Jim's story (and we are told there will be more to come) without being inspired and proud of your involvement in the Iron Game. Go out and get a copy of Legacy of Iron. You'll be glad you did!"

Artie Dreschler
Author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia

"Legacy of Iron is a must, a very good read. A book that will inspire you and enrich your life."

Ian Duckett
Natural Mr. Britain and Natural Mr. Europe Author of Blood, Sweat and Tears: Natural Bodybuilding and other inspiring books

"Brooks Kubik has written an important and inspiring book. I recommend it to everyone who lifts or wants to start. To learn about what many consider "The Golden Era of American Weightlifting," truly a wonderful time in the history of weight training, read Legacy of Iron."

Clarence Bass
Over-40 Mr. America Author of Ripped, Lean for Life, Challenge Yourself and other outstanding books Columnist for Muscle and Fitness magazine

"Fantastic book, Legacy of Iron! Enjoyed each and every word. Looking forward to the next installment."

Steve Speyer


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