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Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's a new year, and we're kicking things off with something new and exciting – a brand new Dinosaur Strength Training Course.

Pull up a chair and let me tell you about it: I'll begin with a story. It's a true story, about two trainees I know very well. It explains why I wrote this exciting new course – and how it can rocket your training to advanced levels of strength, muscle and power!Hail to the Dinosaurs! It's a new year, and we're kicking things off with something new and exciting – a brand new Dinosaur Strength Training Course. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about it. I'll begin with a story. It's a true story, about two trainees I know very well. It explains why I wrote this exciting new course – and how it can rocket your training to advanced levels of strength, muscle and power!


There was a young man who trained like clockwork – three times a week – for 10 long years. They should have been the best training years of his life. He was 17 when the story begins. At age 17, he should have made enormous gains in strength, muscle and power.

But he didn't.

Over that 10-year period, he added a less-than-impressive 35 pounds to his bench press. That's an average gain of only 3.5 pounds a year.

And during the last five years of the story, he failed to add even a single pound to his bench press. Think about it. That's five years of regular, hard training – giving it everything he had – pushing and pulling as hard as he could – and trying desperately to add weight to the bar – and getting absolutely nothing in the way of results.

His squat didn't go anywhere, either. After 10 long years, he could barely squat with his top weight in the bench press. And when your squat and your bench press are about the same, that's not very good. As you may have guessed, his deadlift wasn't very good, either.

Nor was he able to pack on any additional muscle mass. He gained a total of 15 pounds during that 10-year period. That's 1.5 pounds a year – or a measly two-ounces of muscle a month.

But actually, it was worse than that.

During the last six years of the story, he didn't gain a single pound of muscle.

That's six long years of training -- without gaining a single pound.

And to make matters even worse, he wasn't just going through the motions. He was probably a lot like you. He was passionate about his training. He read everything he could find about strength training and muscle-building. He trained in the very best gym in town. In fact, when he moved there, he scouted for the best gym and found a place to live that was just five blocks away. And the very first thing he did was buy a membership at the gym.

He'd been that way ever since he was a skinny, little kid. He'd been training since he was nine years old.

But by his mid-twenties, he was starting to have doubts about what he was doing.

Was it worth it?

Should he keep going?

Was he getting too old to build strength and muscle?

Had he reached his genetic potential?

Was he doomed to stay exactly where he was – and continue to train and train without gaining an ounce of muscle or might?

Did he need to try something different?

Was it time for a new training program? If so, what should he do? Who could he ask? Where could he get the advice he needed?


Finally, the young man did something he should have done many years earlier.

He wrote a letter outlining his training program and his results, and sent it to one of the most knowledgeable men in the Iron Game: Peary Rader, the founder, editor and publisher of Iron Man magazine. At the time, Peary Rader had been publishing Iron Man for almost half a century – and he probably had more experience helping average trainees sort out their training problems than any other man on the face of the planet.

Peary Rader knew from experience just how difficult it is to train year after year with literally nothing in the way of results.

Rader himself was the original "Scarecrow Man."

He was as long and thin as an old rail fence on the Nebraska prairie where he was born.

He decided to change that, so he started training. He trained religiously for 10 long years. At the end of that period, he weighed 120 pounds. He was so skinny that his knees were bigger than his thighs. And then, after 10 years, he discovered a new way of training.

It was new and unique, and unlike anything he had ever done before. It went against all of the popular training wisdom of the day.

He must have doubted whether it would work. But he had nothing to lose. Nothing else had worked for him.

So he gave it a try. Two years later, he had gained almost 100 pounds of muscle – and moved his squat from 20 reps with an empty bar to 10 reps with 350 pounds.

He turned to Olympic weightlifting and became the heavyweight champion of his district for many years.

And he started to go to the local blacksmith shop to test his strength by lifting various odd objects and bending or twisting iron bars. As you might imagine, back in Nebraska in the 1930's and 1940's there were plenty of strong and powerful farmers and other hardy men who regularly visited the blacksmith shop and vied with one another in tests of strength. But Peary Rader, the former beanpole, was stronger than any of them.

Peary Rader was so happy with the results of his new training program that he devoted the rest of his life to preaching the gospel of sane, sensible and effective strength training. He wanted everyone to experience the type of success that he had enjoyed.

Peary Rader took time from his busy schedule to answer the letter he received from the young man in our story.

Politely but firmly, he told him he needed to change his training program.

He told him exactly what to do to gain strength and muscle mass.

And he explained why the program would work – and why other programs would not.

The young man received the letter, read it in bewilderment, and then read it again.

And amazingly, he decided to keep on what he was doing.

He disregarded Peary Rader's excellent advice.


Perhaps it seemed to be too simple. Or perhaps it seemed to be too basic. Too old-fashioned. Or maybe he had failed to gain for so many years that he just didn't think Peary Rader's suggested program would work. We'll never know. But he kept on doing what he was doing – and he didn't gain anything at all.


Fast forward five years.

We're in the same gym where we saw the first trainee – the one who couldn't build strength or muscle no matter what he did.

A thickly muscled man is squatting inside a heavy-duty power rack. He finishes the day with 200 pounds more than the first trainee ever squatted – or ever dreamed of squatting.

He's enormously stronger than the first trainee. He can bench press more than the first trainee ever squatted – and even more than he ever deadlifted.

He's 40 pounds heavier than the first trainee – and it's all muscle.

He's won state and regional powerlifting and bench press championships – and he's even won a handful of National bench press championships in the Submaster's Division.

And, as you might expect, he trains much differently than the first trainee.

But here's the most important part of the story – and the reason why I know it's a true story.

The first trainee was me – and so was the second trainee!

The difference was the training program. Something happened – almost by accident – and it taught me how I needed to train to build strength and muscle.

It was something strange and unusual – something that I didn't think would work – and something I tried only because circumstances forced me to try it. And when it started to work – and to work fast – I almost couldn't believe it.


My new training course, DINOSAUR TRAINING SECRETS, VOL. 1, is the first volume in a series of training courses that will guide you step by step through the type of training that transformed me from a man who couldn't gain to a powerlifting and bench-press champion in drug-tested competition.

It will show you exactly what you need to do to revolutionize your own training – and to rocket yourself to maximum levels of strength, muscle and might.

It also will explain exactly why other programs don't work for the majority of trainees – why your progress stalls out on standard training programs – and what you need to do to get back on the road to BIG GAINS in strength, power and muscular development.

It's my way of saying, "Thank you!" to Peary Rader – and my way of continuing his half-century of service on behalf of hard-training Iron Slingers around the world.


You may think – as I once did – that you don't need to consider a new and revolutionary approach to your training.

You may think – as I once did – that it's better to keep on doing what you're doing – and to continue to follow a conventional training program.

You may be so stuck in your ways that if you got a letter from Peary Rader telling you exactly what to do to build the strength and muscle you long for, you'd do what I so foolishly did – and ignore it. I'm not proud of having done that. It was foolish of me. I've shared the story with you because I want YOU to make a better decision than I made.

I want YOU to learn what really works – and to apply it in your training.

And even if you've read one or more of my other books and courses, I want you to read this course. It brings together, updates and expands everything I've learned and developed over the past 25 years of training. And remember – the more you read about sane, sensible, no-nonsense strength training, the easier it is to ignore the silly stuff and avoid getting derailed.


We've always offered hard-copy books and courses, and we're going to continue to do so – but we've been flooded with requests for books and training courses on Kindle – and so we're going to do something new and different. We're going to offer you two different ways to order the course. DINOSAUR TRAINING SECRETS, VOL. 1 is available in e-book format or as a hard-copy course. The content may differ slightly to accommodate the two formats, but both will provide all of the information you need for big gains.

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As always, thanks for reading – and thanks in advance to everyone who steps up, takes action, and grabs a copy of DINOSAUR TRAINING SECRETS, VOL. 1.

Yours in strength,
Brooks Kubik

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