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"Back in the day" a single man epitomized old-school strength training and muscle building - a man who combined massive muscular development, classic proportions, world-class strength and sheer, raw power in a manner never seen before - or since.

His name was John Grimek - and he may have been the greatest all-natural bodybuilder of all time. But John Grimek was more than a bodybuilder. He was an icon. Consider these accomplishments:

Grimek won the USA Senior National Weightlifting Championships

Grimek set American records in weightlifting

On more than one occasion, Grimek narrowly missed setting a World record in the military press

Grimek won the North American Weightlifting Championships

Grimek defeated the legendary John Davis in weightlifting - and was the last man to do so before Davis embarked on his epic win streak that ran from the 1938 World Championships to the 1953 Senior Nationals

Grimek represented the USA in weightlifting at the 1936 Olympic Games

Grimek represented the USA at the 1938 World Weightlifting Championships

Grimek won the 1940 Mr. America contest

Grimek won the title "America's Most Muscular Man" at the 1940 Mr. America contest

Grimek repeated his Mr. America victory by winning the 1941 Mr. America contest

Grimek was so far ahead of his competitors that the AAU passed a rule prohibiting Mr. America winners from entering the contest - a rule passed solely to give competitors other than Grimek a chance to win the title!

Grimek won the title "Most Muscular Man in America" - at 36 years of age!

Grimek won the Mr. Universe contest in 1948 - when he was 38 years old!

At nearly 40 years of age, Grimek came out of retirement to win the Mr. USA title in 1949 - defeating the top bodybuilders of the era, including Steve Reeves, Clarence Ross, and George Eiferman.

When Grimek performed tours and exhibitions throughout the United States, he military pressed 285 or 290 pounds at every show - and continental pressed 305 or 315 pounds - at a bodyweight of around 200 pounds!

Despite being the most massively muscular man of his era, Grimek could perform a full splits. His posing routine included classic poses, muscle control, hand balancing, handstand push-ups, and tiger bends.

Grimek was an expert at many strongman stunts, including card tearing, bar bending, scrolling, chain breaking and ripping telephone books with his powerful hands.

Grimek burst into prominence in the early 1930's - and knew, met, competed against, trained with and corresponded with virtually all of the great champions from the Golden Age of Might and Muscle. He was completely familiar with how they trained - and he knew what worked for them, and what didn't work. And while his training methods were uniquely his own, he included tips from Sig Klein, George F. Jowett, Mark Berry, Bob Hoffman, Alan Calvert and other leaders of old-time physical culture.

He was called The Monarch of Muscledom - and if any man deserved the title, it was John Grimek.

Grimek's rise to the top of the Iron Game has been called "The Greatest Physique Story Ever Told" - and it was!

Grimek was a member of the York Barbell Club and worked for Strength and Health magazine for many years. In the 1960's, he became the editor of Muscular Development magazine. Through Strength and Health and Muscular Development, Grimek taught old-school physical culture to countless trainees across the world.

John Grimek may have inspired more men and boys to start weight training than any other man in history - and his legend lives on. Today, more than 100 years after he was born, John Grimek remains an inspiration to weightlifters, bodybuilders and physical culturists across the globe.

All of which means this: if you want to learn how the greatest of old-school champions trained, then THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

In this giant, 36-page course, I'm going to teach you about John Grimek's life, lifting and bodybuilding career. I'm going to tell you how he trained - and how he taught others to train.

You'll find it all here, in one easy-to-read course - THE TRAINING SECRETS OF JOHN GRIMEK:

  • Grimek's Early Training

  • What Grimek Weighed and Measured When He Began Training

  • How strong was Grimek when he began training?

  • Where Grimek Trained

  • Grimek's Training Equipment

  • Did Grimek Do Bodyweight Exercises?

  • How Grimek Gained Twelve Pounds of Muscle in Two Weeks

  • Training Programs for Beginners

  • Single Sets vs. Multiple Sets

  • Improving the Press

  • Favorite Feats of Strength

  • Lay-offs

  • Developing the Trapezius

  • Reducing the Midsection

  • Building Big Arms

  • Gaining Weight

  • How Often to Train

  • How to Overcome Sticking Points

  • Special Advice for Older Trainees

  • How Hackenschmidt Trained

  • Which is Better -- Barbells or Dumbbells?

  • The Importance of Rowing Exercises

  • Grimek's Favorite Assistance Exercises for the Press

  • Grimek's Views on Bench Pressing and Incline Pressing

  • Back Training and Nerve Force

  • The Three Exercises that Turned Grimek Into a Superman

  • Developing and Maintaining Perfect Posture

  • The Importance of Neck Training

  • Forearm and Grip Training

  • Grimek's Favorite Triceps Exercise

  • Grimek's Favorite Type of Curl

  • Grimek's Amazing One-Hand Swing

  • Building Strength and Power

  • Developing Tendon and Ligament Strength

  • Weightlifting vs. Bodybuilding

  • A Training Program for Bodybuilders

  • How Hard to Train

  • How to Train for Weightlifting Competition

  • Grimek's Pyramid Training

  • Did Grimek Use Breathing Squats?

  • Grimek's Diet and Nutrition Secrets

  • Grimek's Favorite Squat Routine

  • How Grimek Trained to Win the Mr. America Title

  • Thigh Development - Grimek Style!

  • Building the Chest from the Inside Out

  • Exercises, Sets and Reps for Bodybuilding

  • Grimek and the 1001 Exercises

  • Complete Lat Development

  • The Importance of Mind Power

  • "Just Lift It!"

  • Why they Called Grimek "The Glow"

  • Grimek's Use of Muscle Control

  • The Secret of Grimek's Success

  • What Does 400 Pounds Feel Like?

  • Grimek's Favorite Exercise

  • The Secret of Grimek's Amazingly Fast Gains

  • And much more!

  • Yours in strength,
    Brooks Kubik

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